How To Get A Massachusetts Real Estate License In September

This post explains how to get a Massachusetts real estate license online.

1st Real Estate License Requirements:

There are a few requirements all candidates must meet to see if they qualify. See if you qualify by reading How to Get a Massachusetts Real Estate License

2nd Complete Education Requirement: 

The Massachusetts division of professional licensure mandates a 40-hour education requirement. Most Massachusetts real estate schools break the 40 hours in to four 10-hour sessions, usually back to back weekends or two Tuesday/Wednesdays in a row. Some offer classes in a physical classroom and many, like Keep Me Certified, offer courses entirely online.

3rd Find a pre-licensure course:

Find a real estate school with good reviews that offers the course either in a physical classroom or online.  Keep Me Certified offers classes online with rolling enrollment, so you can register and get started at your convenience.

4th Pass the test:

Upon completing the full 40-hour class, candidates will receive a PSI Candidate Handbook which contains forms and instructions to schedule the exam. Exams are offered at PSI testing centers located across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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