Record setter: In June we’ve had the most number of referrals in one month since we launched!

“Nothing beats a personal referral”…  We have a system in place that tracks how many people are referred to our site by currently registered users.  Further we know exactly who refers who AND we thank the referror for helping us spread the word by sending them a referral fee.  This month we set a new record for total number of successful referrals.  You might ask yourself, “well, what is an unsuccessful referral?”  Every user has their own unique referral link that they can send to their colleagues and co-workers.  Naturally, not everyone who receives the referral link signs up (for various reasons).  The people who receive the link but don’t sign up are “unsuccessful referrals”.

It’s true, nothing beats a personal referral so help us to keep spreading the word by telling your friends where you enjoyed taking the course. We also appreciate feedback.  In marketing nothing beats a personal referral but in customer service and product development, nothing beats constructive feedback so please send in your ideas how we can improve our site and overall program.