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REAL ESTATE SCHOOL awardThis email came in this morning to our support@ email from “Jaswinder”.  Certainly the nicest email we’ve received so far in March.  As an online real estate school, there is only so much that we can do to ensure that our students receive the best possible user experience.  Many times we never even hear from our students because our site is so easy to use.  Also, many times we don’t hear from our users because we simply don’t need to interact with them in order to start, take or complete our course.

Think of us as your self-service check-in kiosk at the airport, there’s people there to help if you need it but nobody usually does.  Anyway, here is what she sent us this morning.

“Message Body:
Hi, i just completed on my 12 hours online continuing education thru your online program and i must say that this is not only “THE BEST” program you have but it is also very convenient to complete the continuing education for any real estate professional. Not only i will be your permanent customer from now on but i will definitely recommend it to just any other real estate professional here in the Boston area! Oh by the way, your price is very reasonable comparing to other people in this industry.

Thank you for well done job!
United Brokers”

Thank you, Jaswinder, for the kind words.  If you are a real estate agent looking to complete your real estate continuing education online, check out our school at



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