What does/should online continuing education cost for Massachusetts RE agents?

No need to go price shopping for your continuing education because we’ve already done the research and our results are listed below. We understand that price plays an important role in determining which online real estate school you’re going to use to complete your 12 CE credits. It is our job to make your entire learning experience as enjoyable, convenient and painless as possible. When it comes to cost, we don’t even compete with our competition because we simply offer the best price.

Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate is the most financially efficient (on your wallet) online school, at the same time offering the best online videos. We encourage you to be skeptical about our claims and make that decision for yourself by visiting not only our site at keepmecertified.com but look at other school sites as well. Watch our introduction video which is actually recorded by our instructor and then take a peek at the highlight reel further down on our homepage.

At the time this article was published, here is a list of what other board certified schools in Massachusetts charge for their 12 hour course:

1. Keep Me Certified (Keepmecertified.com)- $65
2. Lee Institute (leeinstitute.com)- $120
3. New England Real Estate Academy (newenglandrealestateacademy.com)- $75
4. Mass Real Estate School Online (massachusetts.realestateschoolonline.com)- $85
5. MA-Realestateschool (ma-realestateschool.com)- $77
6. Area- American Real Estate Academy (area-school.com)- $95
7. Bay state academy- (baystateacademy.org)- $100
8. Host Group- (Hostgroup.us)- $89

Go ahead and check out other schools, compare them to our site and decide for yourself.



If you feel any information contained in this article is out of date or incorrect, please send us an email to support@keepmecertified.com.