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Sometimes it’s best to just post what your students have said about your school.  These are 100% real emails from our students.  Both notes were received over the weekend and we wanted to share them with you, so without further ado….
To let you know, I have found this particular course the best of any since the CEU requirement came into being. 
Refreshing to be talked to from the trenches by a person who lives in the trenches and not talked at by a person with expertise in a particular field or by a motivational speaker, but not necessarily a practicing real estate professional.  
Each segment that I selected gave history to present day reality.  As a 35-year “veteran”, I have lived through the many changes that have occurred in the Real Estate Profession, alternately accepting “change” and rebelling!  The course, whether a seasoned Broker or newbie, should be of interest and enlightening to all.  In general, a very relaxed and informational presentation.
Have a great day – Marie Stamos
I am enjoying taking the course on-line very much, and I like the teacher very much and his course material is excellent and his delivery is excellent.     I have been in this business 21 years and this instructor is the best I ever had!    I am serious.    I am learning very much new material, thank you all very much who put this course together.     Now back to the tapes!
Again, thank you very much, I love it, and for information I may very well take all the modules even after fulfilling the 12 hours I am learning so much!      -Helena R. Simonds
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