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Thank you to everyone who has recently reviewed us on our Google Plus page.  Nothing beats a personal referral and by taking the time to post your reviews, it really does help other real estate agents who are in the process of deciding where to complete their continuing plus reviews


Some people like to write nice things and others, well they write other things… What’s important is that everyone takes every review with a grain of salt.  While I’m sure you aren’t hearing this for the first time, it is still important to look at the big picture.  Reach out to your colleagues, search around the web and even check out our real estate school website at

If you have any questions you’ll see there is a “live chat” feature located in the bottom corner of every page and you’ll also find a contact us page which will send an email to our team.

You can find more reviews that our users have sent in to us posted on our blog and be sure to check out our facebook page as we post some entertaining photos, advice and general announcements.


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