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Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.37.41 PMKeep Me Certified is a fully approved online real estate school offering the courses required to obtain and renew an active real estate license. We have made online real estate continuing education easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than it has ever bee before.

Below are a few comments our students have submitted to online review sites and emailed directly to us. You can find more reviews on Google and posted to our Facebook page.

“Great experience. Was a bit skeptical going in but the presentation is engaging and informative. You absolutely can NOT beat the convenience of this course. You can view the lectures whenever convenient and for however long convenient. The system will track exactly where you left over so that you don’t need to start at the beginning of the module. If you have ANY technical difficulties you get an IMMEDIATE direct response from the owner. This is customer service at its best.”Jeff Mello, Student

“I have gotton certified for some36 years.I just took your course and found if more informative than all those classes I attended over that time period. I would recommend your course to all the folks I know in the business. PS I would increase the price of the course online as you are giving a better than excellent product to the online community.” -Brandon Sullivan, Student

“Never again will I loathe taking my recertification class! Delivery was personable, content was interesting, and I actually listened and learned! lol REALLY excellent program! Thanks!” -Valerie Demerski


The Online Review System, though some times full of spam still gives a few honest people the opportunity to post their thoughts on the quality of the course, instructor and overall experience.  We are proud to promote our online reviews.  You can find them on Google, Facebook, and many of the other sites that pop up in the results for “Keep Me Certified Reviews”.

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