How to Schedule the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam [Updated 2022]

Scheduling and taking the Massachusetts real estate exam is overwhelming for some but should be (and is) a very simple process. Over the years the process has changed and this article has been updated to reflect the latest process. Candidates must first complete an approved 40-hour real estate license exam prep course. Upon completing this

Looking for a Real Estate Job in Boston? We Can Help!

The real estate industry is one of the best industries to start your new career, especially right now as the market is strengthening. The first step to starting your career in real estate is becoming a licensed real estate agent. You can get started by first getting a real estate license. Once you have passed

Boston Real Estate Classes in November

November is a relatively quiet time for real estate agents active in the industry. Many licensed real estate agents start their continuing education days or even a few weeks before their license expires. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you don’t want to get yourself caught having to watch 12 hours of continuing education as

November Real Estate School- Real Estate License Classes

As the market cools off with the weather, it’s the perfect time to complete your Continuing Education requirement or take a class to get your real estate license. Keep Me Certified offers pre-licensure courses in the classroom and continuing ed classes online. Looking to get your real estate license in November? Keep Me Certified offers

October Real Estate Continuing Education Class – Massachusetts

Do you need to complete your 12-hours of continuing ed to keep your real estate license active? Take them at where you can start and stop the videos whenever you want and there aren’t any quizzes or tests. Hate sitting in a boring uncomfortable classroom for an entire day? If you use keepmecertified to

September Massachusetts Real Estate License Renewal Class Online

September is when students go back to school and also when many Massachusetts real estate agents need to complete their continuing ed credits so they can keep their license active.  Here at Keep Me Certified we offer a variety of different 2 credit hour courses.  The entire 12-hour course costs $55 and can be done

September Real Estate License Class Online

Looking for an easy, interesting and cost effective alternative to sitting in a classroom for 12 hours? Check out Keep Me Certified, a board certified online Massachusetts real estate school. We offer the 12 hour course that you can watch from any internet connected device including your ipad and iphone. Our 12-hour course is $55

September Massachusetts Online Real Estate Continuing Ed Course

Looking to complete your continuing ed credits in September? Keep Me Certified, a Boston based board approved real estate school offering the 12 credit course that you need online at Keep Me Certified offers over 18 hours worth of courses that you can choose from. All topics are approved for credit and you can

Online Massachusetts Real Estate School Reviews

Keep Me Certified, a Board certified online Massachusetts Real Estate School, understands how influential online reviews can be when making a purchase. Whether you are buying a new gadget, an article of clothing or investing in a continuing education course, consumers always want to feel as though they are making the best possible choice. We

Why renew your MA Real Estate License Online?

Why should you renew your Massachusetts real estate license online? One word: it’s EASY! Keep Me Certified is a Massachusetts board certified Real Estate School that offers the full 12 credit hours of continuing education online.  We understand that fulfilling the required 12 hours of CE credit every 2 years is a pain, Keep Me