2024 South Carolina License Renewal Instructions and Resources

Every two years, real estate licensees in South Carolina need to complete continuing education and renew their real estate license directly with SC LLR.  For those on the current even numbered renewal cycle (2024, 2026, etc) requires licensees to complete 10 credit hours of continuing education. Four of these credits must be comprised of the

2024 Missouri Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements – Current 2024-2026 Renewal Cycle

Broker CE Deadline: June 30, 2024 - Salesperson CE Deadline is September 30, 2024 - In this article we explain everything you need to know about renewing a Missouri real estate license in 2024.

RI Real Estate April 30 Continuing Ed Deadline – Here’s What is Required To Renew in 2024

With the April 30, 2024 continuing education deadline approaching fast, we are receiving an uptick in questions from Rhode Island real estate licensees regarding their requirements to renew their real estate license this year. We previously wrote an article titled Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education for 2024 and are writing again to answer additional

Disclose Disclose Disclose – South Carolina’s Required Continuing Ed Course (2022-2024)

Disclose Disclose Disclose is the title of the mandatory continuing ed course for the 2022-2024 renewal cycle in South Carolina. Every two years South Carolina licensees are required to complete ten hours of continuing ed. For the 2022-2024 renewal cycle, the mandatory ce course is titled Disclose, Disclose, Disclose and the curriculum focuses heavily on

2024 South Carolina Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

Don’t let your South Carolina Real Estate license expire. In this article we outline the renewal requirements for South Carolina real estate licensees. SC real estate licenses are on a two year renewal cycles, which means your real estate license needs to be renewed and the mandated continuing ed credits needs to be completed. If

Connecticut Real Estate Continuing Education Dates For 2024

2024 brings many changes to Connecticut’s real estate regulations. One of them is the new license expiration deadline, which is no longer the same as the continuing education deadline. For many years the real estate license expiration date and continuing education deadline were the same. In Connecticut, Brokers and Salespersons have historically had separate deadlines

Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education for 2024

Every two years you need to complete 24 credits worth of continuing education credits to satisfy the education requirements and renew your real estate license as active. If you haven’t completed your continuing ed yet, Keep Me Certified is an online Rhode Island approved real estate school that offers all of the required Core and

Rhode Island Real Estate License Renewal Questions Answered for 2024

As you know, 24 hours of continuing education are required every two years, on even numbered years (2024, 2026, 2028, etc.). Renewal notices for all Rhode Island real estate licenses expiring on April 30, 2024, will be sent out no later than Feb. 15, 2024, so please make sure your email address on file is

2022-2024 CT Real Estate Agency Law – Mandatory CE Course

“Connecticut Real Estate Agency Law” is the mandatory continuing ed course produced by UCONN and approved by the Department of Consumer Protection for the 2022-2024 renewal cycle. All Connecticut licensees (salespersons and brokers) are required to complete the current mandatory course before renewing their license on even numbered renewal years (2024, 2026, etc). The Connecticut

Where can I read online reviews for Keep Me Certified?

Keep Me Certified is a board certified online real estate school for 10+ years. From launching in Massachusetts back in 2012, Keep Me Certified has since expanded to more than 10 states. Over the years, Keep Me Certified has accumulated more than 300 public reviews from students (licensees) across the country. Where can I find