Requirements to Renew a Kansas Real Estate License

In this post we cover the Kansas real estate license renewal and reactivation requirements. Here are the three main themes covered: Kansas real estate license renewal regulations Kansas real estate continuing education requirements And how to keep your Kansas real estate license active in 2022. The Kansas Real Estate Commission mandates that within each two-year

How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate License in 2022

Every two years, Missouri real estate brokers and agents need to complete 12 credit hours of continuing education. Three of the twelve credits must be designated as CORE credits. Here are all of the Missouri Real Estate Commission requirements...

How to Renew a South Carolina Real Estate License in 2022

Renewing a South Carolina real estate license in 2022 is easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been. In this post we’ll outline the education requirements that South Carolina Brokers and Agents need to complete before June 30, 2022. Every two years, real estate agents and brokers need to complete 10 credit hours

Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education – 2022 Requirements

Renewing a Rhode Island real estate license in 2022 is easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been. In this post, we outline the education requirements that RI licensees need to satisfy before the April 30, 2022 deadline. Core vs Elective Requirements: Every two years, on even numbered years (2022, 2024, etc.) real

Keep Me Certified’s Code of Ethics Course and NAR

This article was written to respond to our students inquiring about their Code of Ethics course credits and the NAR Ethics course requirement.   Important background information: Keep Me Certified is a real estate school that is fully approved by the state real estate commission to offer continuing ed credits to licensees that satisfy the

New Hampshire – New Post Licensing Requirements FAQ’s

As a New Hampshire approved real estate school, we receive numerous inquiries from licensees about renewing their NH real estate license. Effective February 1, 2022, there is a new set of post-licensing education requirements that will be enforced. The post-licensing rules have been in effect since Feb 1, 2020, but enforcement will begin effective Feb

Keep Me Certified – Now a Fully Approved New Hampshire Online Real Estate School

Keep Me Certified is now a fully approved online real estate school by the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission Office of Professional Licensure and Certification. Having educated more than 30,000 real estate agents and brokers across the United States, we are pleased to announce our expansion in to New Hampshire. Launching in New Hampshire gets

Michigan 2021 Legal Update [New Course]

New rules prescribed by Michigan’s own LARA require that all Michigan real estate brokers and salespersons complete a minimum of two hours in the legal update topics. Here is an excerpt directly from a LARA Bulletin: “As a condition of renewal, a licensee must complete at least 18 clock hours of CE courses that involve

New York Real Estate Recent Legal Matters Course- Online Continuing Ed Course

On July 1, 2021 the New York real estate license renewal requirements changed. In case you missed the article on How to Renew a NY Real Estate License in 2021, here is a high-level overview of the continuing education requirements. The following credits must be completed as part of the 22.5 credits: 1 hour Recent

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License in 2021 [New Rules]

[Click here for 2022 Updates] To renew your real estate license in the State of New York, you are required to complete a few steps. In this article, you will learn about the new real estate license renewal regulations applicable to all New York real estate licensees, specifically the new continuing ed requirements and everything