How to Renew a Michigan Real Estate License Online in 2023

How to Renew a Michigan Real Estate License Online in 2023

Don’t let your Michigan real estate license expire! In this article, you will learn the renewal requirements for real estate agents and brokers in Michigan, including continuing education requirements, and everything else you need to keep your real estate license active.

2023 Michigan Continuing Education Requirements 

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, LARA, mandates that within each three-year renewal cycle, Salespersons and Broker licensees must complete a minimum of 18 hours of CE courses to keep their licenses active, with at least 2 credits per year on the topic of legal updates.

If you received a new license as of August 2020, or if you renewed your Michigan real estate license effective 11/1/2021, you now have an individual expiration date based on your original license issue date. This is NEW from how license renewal and continuing ed requirements were applicable to each licensee in the past.

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Breakdown of the 18 continuing ed credit hour requirements. 

  • The 18 credit hours must be in subjects that are relevant to the management, operation, and practice of real estate or any other subject that contributes to the professional competence of a licensee.
  • Every year, at least 2 of the 18 CE credit hours must be completed in courses that involve law, rules, and court cases regarding real estate. Here at Keep Me Certified we produce a 2 hour course every year titled “Legal Update”

CE Marketplace

If you haven’t already done so, licensees should set up an account with Michigan’s CE hub for real estate professionals, CE Marketplace, to review their renewal requirements and keep track of their CE records.

LARA stopped tracking continuing ed hours in 2014, but they still audit licensees. LARA requires that you always have documentation showing that you have completed the required amount of continuing education for the last four years, so be sure to keep a copy of your certificates.

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Check the status of a Michigan real estate license

You can check the status of your Michigan real estate license here. This portal is also where you can confirm your current real estate license expiration/renewal date.

Renewal Fee

The renewal of Michigan real estate licenses costs $78 and must be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card.

Continuing education exemptions

LARA allows for a total or partial CE exemption in a case of:

  • Licensee’s disability
  • Absence from the continental United States
  • Circumstances beyond the control of the licensee that the board considers sufficient cause to waive the requirement.
  • Military service.

Visit the Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs to see details of the CE exemptions above.

Continuing education credits do not roll over to the following licensing term. Also, you cannot receive credit for taking the same course more than once in the same renewal cycle.

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