June Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Education Class ONLINE

Looking to complete your real estate continuing education before your license expires?  There are a few things you should know about taking an online course.  First, not all real estate schools are equal.  Be sure to read reviews about them online and ask your co-workers for recommendations.  Second, prices vary significantly.  Almost every online real estate

Keep Me Certified Reviews on Google Plus

Thank you to everyone who has recently reviewed us on our Google Plus page.  Nothing beats a personal referral and by taking the time to post your reviews, it really does help other real estate agents who are in the process of deciding where to complete their continuing ed.   Some people like to write

Real Estate Continuing Education Classes in Boston

Looking to take a real estate continuing ed course because your license is expiring soon?  So are about 35,000 other Massachusetts real estate agents this year.  That’s a lot of students and there are only a handful of schools that offer these MA board approved courses. Every 2 years real estate agents/salespersons and brokers are required

An Online Massachusetts Real Estate School With NO Quizzes or Tests!

That’s right, we think they are annoying and unnecessary too.  I’m Jeff, the owner and one of the instructors you’ll meet in our courses. Keep Me Certified, is a fully approved Massachusetts real estate school.  Since quizzes and tests are not required for online continuing education courses we simply don’t have them.  Our  Massachusetts online

YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web

This email came in this morning to our support@ email from “Jaswinder”.  Certainly the nicest email we’ve received so far in March.  As an online real estate school, there is only so much that we can do to ensure that our students receive the best possible user experience.  Many times we never even hear from

Boston Real Estate School Training Class

As a real estate agent in Boston, it’s tough finding the motivation and time to renew my license. In fact, since it is required by the state I was always that much less interested in doing it.  A bit over one year ago my partner and I decided we were going to make it easy,

March Continuing Education Course Online

Is March when your license expires?  Time to find the easiest/cheapest/most interesting online real estate continuing ed course?  Well, you’ve found it here at keepmecertified.com.  Our online real estate ce course is approved by the board of professional licensure and it’s so easy even my grandmother can do it.  Seriously, she took the course.  I know,

Real Estate is hot right now, so is online continuing education

As real estate professionals are getting busier, their free time is disappearing.  Since real estate licenses expire on the agents birthday which could fall right in the middle of busy season.  In Massachusetts the rise of approved online real estate schools has helped busy agents fulfill their continuing ed requirement. Massachusetts agents and brokers can

YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web -Vol 7

This review came via email to our support inbox this morning.  It’s from a student, “Michelle L”.  She had some technical difficulties with her computer at the beginning of the course but she figured it out and here is what she had to say: “I have to say, I think these CEs (I’m watching them

We are now the official education provider for Encore Realty!

This is a guest post written by Dave Monheit: Encore Realty is pleased to be working with Keepmecertified.com as our exclusive outlet for online Boston real estate continuing education. At Encore, we strive to keep our agents on top of every aspect of the Boston real estate market both professional and ethical. Through the in-depth