Fair Housing: Connecticut’s 2018 Real Estate Continuing Ed Requirement

Fair Housing CE Requirement

Fair Housing is the mandatory course topic in 2018 for all Connecticut licensed real estate agents and brokers. All CT licensees are required to complete this course prior to renewing their real estate license. The renewal deadline for real estate agents is May 31, 2018 and brokers need to complete their continuing ed by March 31, 2018.

Connecticut Real Estate Continuing Ed Overview

Each continuing ed course topic counts towards three credit hours of the required 12. This includes the Fair housing course. Popular elective topics this renewal cycle are Real Estate Finance: Understanding Personal Credit, Overcoming Objections, and The Code of Ethics which is a course that is only required for agents who are members of NAR and other local affiliated real estate organizations.

Live vs. Online Course

Fair Housing and other elective topics can be completed both in a classroom, and online. Most real estate licensees complete their continuing ed credits online for convenience and if you are considering completing the course online, visit Keep Me Certified at keepmecertified.com.

State renewal fees

The state of Connecticut requires licensees pay renewal fees to the state. $383 for brokers and $293 for salespersons.

Reciprocity Rules

If you received a Connecticut real estate license through reciprocity, you are NOT exempt from completing continuing education from a Connecticut licensed real estate school.

Renew a Connecticut License Online

Upon completing the mandatory Fair Housing course and 3 other elective courses, you can renew your license online through the Connecticut state elicensing portal.

About Keep Me Certified

Keep Me Certified builds better training for real estate professionals. As a board approved Connecticut real estate school by the Connecticut Deparment of Consumer protection, since 2012 Keep Me Certified has trained more than 15,000 licensed real estate professionals. In addition to Massachusetts, Keep Me Certified has expanded in to other states that include Connecticut, New Jersey to name a few. To learn more or register for an online real estate course, visit us at keepmecertified.com.


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