YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- vol 1

As we tweeted about [update: we no longer tweet] this a few weeks ago, we’re going to start posting user reviews that we find around the web on our blog. User reviews are important, exciting, and can even at times be a bit angering to read. For bette or worse, we found that users who feel strongly about their thoughts tend to post them – it’s rare to see a “middle of the road” review.  That said, we appreciate them all because they help us to improve our site and it gives us the opportunity to respond.

You can see our responses in blue

I think everyone dreads completing any required ce hours every few years so irregardless how great or terrible the program is, I think we all go in with a pissed off attitude. Agents like myself hated going in to hotel conference rooms and ugly schools to sit on uncomfortable chairs at some place on Main street so the convenience of doing it online is really nice. We’re agents too and we felt the same way.  We wanted to make the experience more enjoyable, convenient and less painful…. so we did

Like the agent who made the comment below “cheapest for a reason”, the instructor is very good. The prompting every 10 or 15 minutes to make sure we’re still there does get annoying but even in their “are you still there” message they apologize for having to do it because it’s a state board of professional licensure requirement for all online schools.  We were recently “audited” by the state (as all schools are) and prior to the audit we did not require users to click a button.  We think it’s frustrating, annoying and unnecessary but rules are rules and we follow them.  If you know of an online school that doesn’t require you to click every so often to prove that you’re still there then that school is not in compliance with state regulations.

Basically, I didn’t really know what I would be looking at when I signed up for the class and it turned out to be mostly the instructor on the screen. It wasn’t a big deal for me because I would play the video, open up other work and do that at the same time as listening. Creative, we’ll pretend we didn’t read that…. But seriously, I think listening to the course is just as good as watching it.  In fact, personally, I like the voice more than the look too.  If you’re reading this, what background would you prefer to see him on, a beach?

I have already recommended the course to my co-workers because out of all the options available I think this is the best especially for the price point.

-Thanks, Chris.  Aside from the occasional spelling errors we enjoyed reading this.


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