Keep Me Certified Sets 3 New Records in 4 Months

We are elated to share that three out of the previous four months have individually been record setting months for our real estate school, Keep Me Certified. This record is tracked by counting the number of students who register for our online continuing ed course during each calendar month.

Setting new records like this tells us that we must be doing something right.  We created Keep Me Certified because we are real estate agents too and we saw the desperate need to create a high quality continuing ed course.  Many of the real estate ce courses offered online (and in person) are underwhelming to say the least.

It’s not just about a better course, it’s about building a better experience.  A better website, a more intuitive user interface, a better marketing strategy and better customer service.  Everything we did needs to be the best.

Here are a few examples of the type of feedback that we regularly receive:

Just wanted to say that I thoroughly appreciated (and even enjoyed!) the 12-hour continuing education course. It was very easy to navigate, convenient (especially being able to rewind), and even engaging (as it inspired me to discuss certain topics later with colleagues). Furthermore, Mike was awesome at explaining the concepts, and he did a phenomenal job of bringing it all down to a tangible level. Thanks! – Oscar

Great service and I really enjoyed taking the continuing Ed with your online format. –Lourdes L.

Thank you, I’ll  tell anyone that I know about your website and how wonderful it is to have someone like you with so much knowledge and so easy to understand.

I am so happy that I have a chance of learn and  and enjoy it at the some time. as you know a lot of time we do the CE and can wait to get it over with but I can tell you that I did it in one day and as soon I I have a opportunity I will go over some of the other subject that I think will help me a lot with all the information that you put together in this wonderful program. Thank You again – Mary S.  

I was able to understand all of the presentations I selected. The examples given were practical and helpful. I will keep your KMC Team contact information handy for future use.- M. Goode 

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