The “Real Talk Promise”: The Best and Only Way We Do Business

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I just got off the phone with the customer support department of a relatively new company to Boston and aside from their support department I think very highly of  what they’re doing in Boston.  However, that phone call did inspire me to write this article.  Unlike my recent phone conversation, I’m going to keep this article simple, easy to understand and to the point.

Let’s take a moment to consider how we interact with friends, family and employees at your favorite store.  With some variation, you generally feel positive after each interaction.  Why is it that you feel good?  I have no idea what you were talking about or what you just bought but you probably feel good about it because everything you did felt natural.

Take what I just described in the previous paragraph and apply those same types of positive interactions to any business.  Now you might be asking yourself, “how come every business doesn’t work like this?”  Some PHD students spend years researching and writing their thesis on that topic so I’m not going to waste your time trying to answer that in this brief blog post.  I can tell you that we’re proud to give our customers and users the “real talk” experience.

If you use KeepMeCertified, a certified real estate school, “real talk” is exactly what you’re going to get. The Real talk promise means…

  1. Responding, fixing and following up promptly
  2. No boiler plate scripts– If you talk to us on the phone, expect a conversation like you would have with a friend.  If you get an email from us, you’ll see it’s meant just for you.
  3. No foreign accents– There’s nothing worse than getting redirected to someone who thinks they speak perfect English but has such a hard accent that even “Siri” can’t understand.  Anyone you’ll ever end up talking to lives, eats and works in Boston.  Don’t worry, we don’t have Boston accents and no there’s nothing wrong with the Boston accent, we just don’t have them.
  4.  If  we’ve done something wrong we’ll own up to it, apologize and make it right.  On the flipside, if you’ve done something wrong we’re going to tell you but don’t get upset with us because we’ll help you through it.
  5. You expect a high quality working product and that’s what you’re going to get from us!  Anything less is unacceptable.

You can hold us to this promise and if you ever feel like you’ve been short changed by anything we do or offer, send a note to Jeff at support [at]

If you have any questions or don’t believe us, give us a try.  Sign up for our 12 hour accredited real estate continuing education course at or send us an email.


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