YouSpeak: user reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 4

This one was posted earlier today on City Search by “Jim C”.  It’s a pretty standard/expected review but nonetheless we’re glad he took the time to post it for everyone else to see.  You’ll find our responses in blue.

City Search Review, June 06, 2012;

Michael, the instructor is very professional and knowledgable about all of the topics he talks about. Even though it seems that there are few topics he’s not well educated in we don’t pick topics that’ll make him sound unintelligent 😉 He brings a lot of good stories out from times when he has had a personal experience with whatever topic he is discussing. Michael has been a broker/owner on Newbury street in Boston for a longggg time.  If he didn’t have good/informative personal stories to share we would be worried that he wasn’t doing something right.   He covers a lot of material in each 2 hour course but it doesn’t feel anythin close to overwhelming. Thank you, it’s easy to pack a lot of content in to each 2 hour course which is nice for the student because this way instead of dragging out boring topics, we can keep your interest and the pace up by moving through them faster.

I liked that they offered 7 different modules for me to watch and if I wanted I could watch all 7 even though I only needed 6. We’re working on creating more options too so stay tuned.  If you have any recommendations for course topics send them to us in an email or via our contact us form on our site.

I own a property management company and plan on requiring my employees to watch these videos as well. We offer group discounts if you want to give your office an early Christmas/Hanukkah gift…. just throwin that out there.

Thank you to everyone who posts and sends us reviews/feedback.  Please keep sending in your feedback, comments, thoughts, suggestions and complaints (if you have any) and we always appreciate a good review on any of the numerous review sites out there.


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