YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around- Vol 3 the web

This review is different from the others that we find around the web.  This one was emailed directly to us.  Even though it’s not portraying us in the best light we got a good laugh from it.  As I was reading this email I was smiling and at the end I literally did one of those internal “haha’s”  as I immediately forwarded it on to the rest of the KMC Team to read.  I changed the subject to “check out this support email from 2 minutes ago”.

Before I copy the email in to this post I want to set the scene.  The days and name have been changed…. here we go:

On Monday, “Lisa” emailed us asking if she could talk to someone on the phone.  We responded 12 minutes later saying sure, please send us your number…. hours go by before she emails us again with her phone number.  During those hours I decided to google her name and see if I could find her direct number somewhere on the web.  I did find it and called her 3 times 15-30 minutes apart.  I left her a voicemail the first two times and then just hung up the third time.  Late that evening she emailed us saying how she was busy all day and she would be available to talk.  At this point it’s about 10pm and unless someone tells us it’s ok to call at that time, we’re not going to.  That next morning I woke up around 830ish to another email from Lisa that said something like “I haven’t heard from you yet, you can call me now!”.  So I called her immediately and we spoke for about 5 minutes.  During our call, I pretty much explained to her that the site works exactly how she expects it to and that we’re here for her if she has any questions along the way.  Later in the afternoon I get an email from her that reads:

“FYI,  I chose another vendor as your support was inadequate.”

Well, Lisa, I’m sorry we didn’t make the cut due to our “inadequate customer support”.  I’m fairly certain that the only customer support center that are consistently more responsive are 9-1-1 operators.  I’ll inquire to see if they’re available to run our customer support department during the slow parts of their day.


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