How to Reactivate an Inactive Mass Real Estate License

This post discusses how to reactivate an inactive Massachusetts real estate license that is currently listed as “inactive” with the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (DPL). You can check the status of your real estate license by clicking here.

What is an inactive real estate license?

Reactivating a real estate license is easy and more common than you might expect. First, let’s define what it means to have an inactive real estate license. Every two years real estate agents are required to complete 12 credit hours of continuing ed. Upon completing this continuing ed requirement, agents fill out a simple renewal form and submit it to the state certifying that they completed the course (under penalties of perjury), expressing their intent to renew their license.

IMPORTANT: If you did NOT complete your continuing ed and did NOT pay the renewal fee when it was due and it has been at least two years, then your license is considered to be EXPIRED and instead you need to fill out a reinstatement form, which is different from the reactivation form. You can find this form in the state elicensing portal.

If a real estate Agent does not complete the required continuing ed or does not want to renew their license, they can submit the renewal form back to the DPL and check the box “renewing as inactive”. Renewing as inactive keeps your license intact but also means that you cannot transact business as a real estate agent until you change the status back to active.

How to reactivate an inactive Mass real estate license

To reactivate an inactive Mass real estate license, agents are required to satisfy the same 12-credit education requirement and submit a license reactivation form with the current renewal fee to the Board.

Next steps to get started

If you have questions about the process or where to access the renewal/reactivation form, give the Division of Professional Licensure a call directly at 617-727-2373. If you are looking to renew or reactivate your inactive Massachusetts real estate license, our Massachusetts board approved real estate ce course is video-based (no quizzes) and available online 24/7 at


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