July Real Estate School – Online Continuing Ed Class

Keep Me Certified is a Boston based online Real Estate School. Offering the Board certified 12 credit hour course to licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agents, Keep Me Certified has quickly become the go-to real estate school for local real estate professionals.

“There are a number of online schools that offer continuing ed, but nobody makes it easier than you. I also found the course educational which was a pleasant surprise considering I’ve been in real estate for such a long time”– Dan B.

The course is enjoyable, educational, our online classroom is intuitive, and we have a 100% human support team. Calling, emailing or live-chatting with us will always be with a human. In fact, you will likely speak with one of the owners when you call in and we reply back to your emails faster than you can refill your coffee cup. There are no quizzes, tests, or gimmicks, watch the course then print your certificate… it is that simple.

The summer months are very busy for real estate professionals and also happen to be our most popular months for students to complete their continuing ed. If you are like most real estate agents, you probably wait until your license is about to expire before even considering to sign up for a course. Do not wait until the last minute, get it done!

If you have waited until the last minute to find a real estate school that can give you the ce credits you need, fear not because you have come to the right place. Our sign-up process takes about 1 minute, completing our course topics takes 12-hours and printing your certificate takes seconds. Start our course in the morning and finish before dinner. There are no quizzes or exams during the course so our students don’t need to feel anxious about being tested.

Ready to get started? Our one-click registration takes less than a minute and our courses are available 24/7. Start and pause the videos at your own pace, finishing all of the videos in one sitting or breaking them up in to shorter segments. Our system automatically remembers where you left off so don’t worry if you need to run out to a showing. Our course also works on your mobile devices so when you’re on the road you can also listen to Michael, but don’t drive distracted.

For more information or to get started, head on over to keepmecertified.com


Complete your CE with Keep Me Certified