Massachusetts Online Real Estate School Reviews

Real Estate School ReviewsOver the past two years that Keep Me Certified has been in business the school has had thousands of students take the twelve credit hour online continuing ed course. We try to solicit as much feedback from our students as we can without becoming annoying because we’re people too and we hate getting spammed too.

Feedback is truly appreciated by the entire KMC team as we use it to improve our course and overall system. We also understand the the value and importance of transparency and part of that intiative includes making our real estate school reviews available to you, our prospective students.

Our website,, has come a long way over the past two years. We offer a live chat feature where you can actually chat with one of the school owners (generally it’s Jeff) and an email support system that allows us to respond to you impressively fast with the info that you request.

Student reviews are generally sent in through our livechat feature or email and every so often we like to put together a list of some of the more recent quotes from students, here are a few:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the informative class. I will spread the word in my office. Thanks again.” -Mark M.

“Thanks Jeff… the course was great. I am actually listening to Ethics even though I don’t need to … that guy can talk…”-Robert W

“Wanted you to know I am enjoying the program” -Edward D.

“These course topics are very interesting despite the fact that I didn’t want to take any of these classes in the first place. I’m pleasantly surprised and want to congratulate you on your ability to turn a traditionally boring course in to a pleasant experience.” -Josh B.

Periodically posting our real estate school reviews is one of the ways we feel is necessary to communicate how your colleagues . It’s no secret that we’re not perfect, we’re humans too, but we do what it takes to be the best and make sure that you have an enjoyable and educational online experience. We offer our course with a 100% money back guarantee and it’s a rare occasion when one is requested.

Our twelve credit hour online continuing ed course is offered entirely online on video for $55. Our school, course and instructor are all certified by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure. For more information or to give us a try and get started with the course, visit us at

-The KMC Team


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