Renew your Connecticut Real Estate License Online!

online continuing edWith more than 20,000 real estate agents in Connecticut, we are sure you are not the only agent wondering where and if you can renew your Connecticut real estate license online.  The answer is: YES.

Every two years real estate agents, salespersons and brokers must complete 12 credit hours worth of continuing education courses to keep their license active.  As required by the Connecticut Division of Consumer Protection (the CT real estate board), the required CE curriculum is comprised of many different continuing education courses.  Each course is three hours long and counts for three credits.  Students are required to complete 4 different modules to satisfy the 12-hour requirement.

During each two-year renewal period Connecticut real estate licensees are required to complete the  current Mandatory course topic along with any 3 electives approved by the CT board.

Luckily, these courses do not need to be completed in a formal classroom setting.  Keep Me Certified School of real estate offers continuing education classes online, so you can complete your 12 hours from any location.  In fact, the courses can also be watched on your iPhone or iPad.  Our site also allows you to start and stop the course at any point, so you can complete your continuing education requirement at your leisure.


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