September Online Real Estate Continuing Ed Course

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Massachusetts licensed real estate agents are required to complete 12 board approved credit hours. These credits can be completed in a live classroom or online.  Keep Me Certified offers a full library of recently released course topics by well known instructors in Massachusetts.

The entire process has been automated so all a student is required to do is pay attention to the videos.  There are no quizzes or tests along the way.

To our surprise, we find many students continue to watch additional course videos after they finish the 12 credits that earns their certificate.  Our system for Massachusetts agents gives them full access to our course library.  A student will only receive credit for the first 12 credits that they complete but they have access to the course for 6 months from the day they registered so many return to watch new videos and refresh some of the info they previously learned.

Keep Me Certified is full licensed and approved by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure.  For more information about the course or to get started, visit


Complete your CE with Keep Me Certified