Startup Customers are the Best!

Thank you

Smart, savvy, and excited are just a part of the profile for a startup customer who is more commonly known as an early adopter.

Early adopters are the types of people who enjoy trying new things before the masses. I am not a psychologist but there is something different amongst the “early adopter” demographic. Among numerous other notable characteristics, early adopters are comfortable testing the untested, content with trying new experiences and enjoy the discovery process of learning about new things without any prior knowledge or baseline. Additionally, they are generally open to sharing their feedback and appreciate knowing their feedback is valued.

So how does all of this make startup customers the best customers? Nearly everything a startup does means money out the door; advertising expenses, office rent, team salaries, r&d etc… Startup customers are willing to give you a chance, offer their valuable feedback, AND willing to pay you! Everything a startup does costs the company money, except when they make a sale to a customer.

The more I think about it, the crazier it seems. A brand new company wants to sell you something new or different from what you’re used to, with little or no reputation and barely any credibility. Somehow early adopters respond to this opportunity with “ok cool, let’s give it a try”.

It’s not the money that’s important, it’s knowing that there are people out there willing to help you validate your idea. I remember receiving the email confirmation when the first student had registered to take my online real estate course. I didn’t care so much that I had just earned my first $77 payday, but I was ecstatic at the smallest hint of validation that email and student represented.

God bless those crazy people early adopters, because they fuel innovation and ultimately support startups when they need it most and that is what makes startup customers the best!

If you are still reading this and consider yourself an early adopter, thank you. Thank you for not only supporting mine, but every entrepreneurs dream of building and offering something that affects people in such a way that they are willing to voluntarily pay for it.


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