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Keep Me Certified – Student Reviews

Every so often we put together an article that compiles some of the feedback and reviews that our students frequently email us. Keep Me Certified real estate school sees hundreds of students complete our online ce course each month. Real Estate School reviews aren’t easy to find so we wanted to make our reviews as

New Real Estate Course Topic Released Today: “Mortgage Finance and the Financial Meltdown”

It is finally here, our newest real estate course topic was released today! Creating this course was not as easy as you might think. It required a lot of research and fact checking to make sure we didn’t misrepresent any of the facts. The official real estate course name is “Residential Mortgage Loan Market and

July Real Estate School – Online Continuing Ed Class

Keep Me Certified is a Boston based online Real Estate School. Offering the Board certified 12 credit hour course to licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agents, Keep Me Certified has quickly become the go-to real estate school for local real estate professionals. “There are a number of online schools that offer continuing ed, but nobody makes

The Best Real Estate Continuing Ed Course in Massachusetts

The best kept secret in the Massachusetts Real Estate School scene is no longer a secret! Real Estate Continuing Ed courses have never been exciting. They were never that interesting and they were certainly an inconvenience. Nobody likes having to spend their precious weekend time in a classroom listening to someone else talk for 12

May Real Estate License Class Online

Looking to get your Massachusetts real estate license?  Already have one and need to complete your required continuing ed credits?  Keep Me Certified is a Boston based online real estate school.  Our 12-hour online continuing ed course is certified by the MA Board of Professional Licensure. Taking online continuing education is simple, convenient and educational.

Real Estate Continuing Education Online

It is no longer news that you can complete your real estate continuing ed credits online.  Now the jury is out to offer the best quality education online. Here at Keep Me Certified, we offer a the real estate 12-hour continuing ed course online for Massachusetts agents and brokers.  There are no tests or exams,

April Real Estate Online Continuing Ed Class

Don’t spend your weekend in some hotel conference room for an entire day, watch from the comfort of your recliner at home on your laptop, ipad or mobile device. Yes, you read that correctly, is a licensed Massachusetts real estate school that offers the required 12-hour continuing ed class entirely online and on video.

Spring Real Estate Continuing Ed Credits

Spring is here and for many real estate agents it is time to complete their continuing ed credits. Looking for the fastest, easiest way to get your certificate? Keep Me Certified is a Boston based online real estate school. Our board certified course covers some of the most popular topics with no quizzes or tests.

Massachusetts Online Real Estate School Reviews

Over the past two years that Keep Me Certified has been in business the school has had thousands of students take the twelve credit hour online continuing ed course. We try to solicit as much feedback from our students as we can without becoming annoying because we’re people too and we hate getting spammed too.

Benefit by Advertising to Real Estate Professionals in Massachusetts

Those reading this already appreciate the value of advertising to real estate agents and brokers as they are many times the trusted source for referrals to buyers and sellers when looking for a vendor in the real estate industry. Whether you’re an Attorney, Landscape Architect, Mortgage Lender or general handyman, getting your name, product or